Welcome to Living Well Physiotherapy

At Living Well we provide an in-depth initial assessment to find out “what really matters to you”. Learning about what makes you ‘tick’ is essential so that we can truly tailor our services to your needs.

People usually seek help due to pain and loss of function, particularly if it affects their quality of life. We understand that pain not only affects a person’s physical capabilities but can also affect work, hobbies, family life, and relationships. Therefore, we offer a friendly ear, in a private and confidential environment for people to discuss personal factors which may impact on treatment.

Another important question we ask is, ‘what do you believe is going on?’ People’s beliefs, attitudes, life experience and previous medical advice can make a huge difference to their understanding of the problem and influences their potential to improve. At Living Well Physiotherapy we take time to understand what you believe is going on so we can provide the best advice possible and forge a beneficial partnership that will enable you to reach your goals. For further information on the Physiotherapy services offered please click here.

Services We Provide


If you are experiencing a new pain or problem, or flare-up of an existing condition, Living Well Physiotherapy can provide personalised physiotherapy treatment and advice. Initial appointments last for 1 hour to allow time for an in-depth assessment and first treatment. Following the assessment we will discuss with you the most relevant treatment choices and agree a treatment plan. If further sessions are required these … Continue reading Physiotherapy »

Massage Therapy

Traditionally massage is thought of as manipulating muscle to release tightness or spasm and is often associated with relieving tension or stress (particularly across the shoulders and neck). At Living Well Physiotherapy we prefer to use the term ‘soft tissue release’ as this also includes other soft tissues (ligaments, tendons and fascia) which are associated with muscles, and together form the functional units to create … Continue reading Massage Therapy »


At Living Well Physiotherapy, the Western medical approach to acupuncture is used, usually in conjunction with other physiotherapy treatments, for a variety of health conditions from longstanding problems to acute injuries. As with all the treatments we offer, we are mindful of the whole person and may suggest including acupuncture points to help with other problems such as low mood, stress, hotflushes, nausea and insomnia. … Continue reading Acupuncture »

Older Adults – Strictly No Falling & Healthy Ageing

Do you want an active lifestyle? Do you want the energy and ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it? At Living Well Physiotherapy we can give health advice on managing conditions associated with ageing including arthritis, osteoporosis, preparing for and recovery from joint replacement surgery, and reducing the risk of falling. We also offer Functional Fitness MoT and … Continue reading Older Adults – Strictly No Falling & Healthy Ageing »


Joseph Pilates first developed his exercise regime when he was interned on the Isle of White as a POW in WW1. Following the war he travelled to America and used this technique with professional dancers. However, as the exercises required the participants to be fit, flexible and have excellent body awareness they were not suitable for people with pain or movement problems. The original exercises … Continue reading Pilates »

Functional Fitness MOT

The Functional Fitness MOT (FF MoT) is a specialist person-centred tool for older adults, designed to assess different components of physical health (strength, balance, stamina, flexibility). The results give older adults an idea of how their fitness compares to their peers and identifies areas of physical health that may benefit from improvement.  For example, increasing shoulder flexibility will improve the ability to reach into high … Continue reading Functional Fitness MOT »