Functional Fitness MOT

The Functional Fitness MOT (FF MoT) is a specialist person-centred tool for older adults, designed to assess different components of physical health (strength, balance, stamina, flexibility). The results give older adults an idea of how their fitness compares to their peers and identifies areas of physical health that may benefit from improvement.  For example, increasing shoulder flexibility will improve the ability to reach into high cupboards at home, improving your balance will reduce your risk of falling and increasing muscle strength will make using stairs and getting in/out of cars or taxis easier.

Depending on what you prefer, Living Well Physiotherapy can work with you to tailor an exercise programme to reach your goals and provides the level of support that you want. During the session we will also discuss the Government’s physical activity guidelines for older people, the benefits of keeping active and the importance of avoiding prolonged sitting (for more than 1 hour).

The FF MOT and analysis of the results takes up to 90mins. If you would like further information or to book an MOT please get in touch.